Friday , March 5 2021
God will answer you Credit:Opera News
God will answer you Credit:Opera News

Lord God my Father give me the will to pursue my dreams. Say this prayer and watch God work for you.


Friday 30th October, 2020




“Now Naaman, captain of the host of the king of Syria, was a great man… but he was a lepper” (2kings 5:1).


2 KINGS 5:1-5


One morning in 1998, 31-year old Judas Modals woke up to find out he had gone pitch blind after he was diagnosed with glaucoma. For many, that would have been the end of the road in their search for significance in life but not for Judas.

After losing his sight Judas went to get a job with the Mpumalanga Department of Education but someone there recognized his potential and recommended he rather completed his education. The Department gave him a scholarship to study Education at the University of Free state, South Africa. Twenty years down the line, Judas made his Bachelors of Arts in Education with 15 distinctions, and became the toast of his people and south Africans as a whole.

Hardship, be it physical or social, is not the end of a man’s quest for distinction and excellence. The fact is that everybody has one type of disability or the other but none is enough to put a full stop to your quest for achievement. In our text today, leprosy did not stop Naaman from becoming a general and number one Merit citizen of the kingdom of syria. At the same time, being a voiceless and unknown slave girl did not stop his wife’s maid from connecting Naaman to the solution he could not find anywhere else in the world. Don’t let your own handicap stop you from pursuing the dream of greatness in your heart.


Distinction does not reject anybody who comes to it with determination.


Father, please, give me the strong will to pursue my dream to achieve

great things no matter the odds in my path. Amen.

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