Friday , January 22 2021
Marriage of choice

See The 83-Year-Old Husband And His 16-Year-Old Wife, They Are Getting Married Today January 9

The man, the groom who is said to be 83 years old is set to marry a young bride who is only 16 years of age. This picture bothered me and made me to wonder what exactly is happening to this generation. I began to wonder what would be the reason why a young lady like her would agree to get married to an old man. How will a lady as young as this willingly allow an old man to be her husband? Is this normal?

Wait, for how many years will they be married? Didn’t she think about all these before getting married to someone enough to be her grandfather? How does she expect herself to cope when she’s finally 33 years old and his new husband clocks 100 years, is she indirectly planning to become a widower at a very tender age?

See their picture below.

I still can’t believe my eyes. I can’t believe this is happening, trust me.

Is this love? Or could it be that she was forced, or charmed to marry him? Kindly drop your comments below.

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  1. All these foolishness will not stop

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