Monday , March 1 2021
Man beats wife to death in Italy

So sad as a Nigerian man allegedly beats his wife to death in Italy.

A Nigerian man has allegedly killed his wife after beating her severely in Italy.

A Twitter user, with username @uncle_seye, shared the story as he revealed that his sister has been beaten to death by her husband.

According to him, they spoke to his sister 20 minutes before the incident happened. The grieving man said he wished his system Temitope can come back to life.

Sharing the sad story, he wrote; “ Not this year again Lord 😥😥

“My sister in italy had a figth with her husband and her husband beat her to death,we spoke to her 20 minutes before she died. I wish Temitope can come back to Life.”

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  1. Jesus Christ! What sort of Nonsense is this.

  2. My good Lord!! Why would a man be so violent for Christ sake. People should be careful when dating. If you notice violence while dating, don’t proceed for marriage. WOMEN BE WISE!!

  3. May her soul rest in peace. This is sad.

  4. This is crazy! I don’t support men who engage in violence. There are other means to treat a woman who gives you troubles than going violent and making it cost her life. This is so painful.

  5. Beating someone to death, is one of the most painful deaths. Marriage shouldn’t be this way. Ladies beware of violence during dating.

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