Wednesday , March 3 2021
married men cheat a lot

The way married men in their ’30s cheat is so alarming – Nigerian man Cries

A Nigerian man has taken to the streets of social media to lament over the upsurge of married men cheating while in marriage.

Married Men Cheats a lot

The man identified as Homzie and uses the handle @Lyrical_Julo said a lot of married men in their 30s are having extra marital affairs and he described the phenomenon as reckless.

He queried men who are guilty of this if they were forced into marriage and another Twitter user by name Misty Misty concurred with him adding that a lot of these cheating men are just in their second and third year of marriage.

He tweeted;

The way married guys in their 30s cheat is too reckless man lol did they force y’all to get married?

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  1. I fucking hate married men that cheat. It is so stupid to act that way especially when your wife doesn’t give you issues. You just feel like sleeping around.

  2. People usually say it is difficult for men not to cheat. I don’t believe this, because cheating also comes from the mind. It is self will. There is really no need to be married and start sleeping around with other ladies. Some men feels it is the best way to deal with disturbing wives. But it is really wrong

  3. This is very true, men of this age grade cheat alot. If you know you will keep cheating, then why get married? There is no excuse for stupid attitudes. That is just my take on this.

  4. This is the highest rate at which many relationships lose trust, lose respect, and most times get destroyed. Cheating is something so painful that is so hard to take in. Especially when your partner is faithful to you. Once you cheat, your relationship will never be thesame way again.

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