Wednesday , January 27 2021
MD of FCMB wife has moved out of the house

Wife of FCMB Adam Nuru reportedly ‘moves out of their home and may seek divorce’.

The wife of Adam Nuru, the Managing Director of First City Monument Bank (FCMB) alleged to have had an affair with one of his staff, has reportedly left their home.

The report also claims she also plans to divorce him amidst the paternity scandal.

Paternity Scandal_ Wife of FCMB Adam Nuru reportedly 'moves out of their home and may seek divorce'


Adam Nuru allegedly had an affair with Moyo Thomas and the result of that affair is the reason behind the paternity scandal that has engulfed them both.

We had earlier reported that Mr. Adam Nuru proceeded on voluntary leave to allow the bank board investigate the alleged sex scandal involving him and a former staff of the bank, Ms. Moyo Thomas.

Nearly 2,000 persons had signed the petition calling on the Central Bank of Nigeria and FCMB to sack Nuru over alleged infidelity with a former employee of the bank Moyo Thomas.

SaharaReporters has now claimed that Adam Nuru’s wife, Hauwa, has concluded plans to divorce her husband amid the scandal.

The publication quotes family sources as saying that Hauwa has moved out of his house and has likely informed her lawyer to prepare divorce papers so she could leave the marriage.

A source told SaharaReporters:

“I know she has moved out. This case is beyond Moyo or the late Tunde. His (Nuru) own marriage is about to crash now. The wife and her family are really giving him problems. They are ready to deal with him. The Moyo stuff is part one, he is currently facing the second part with his wife.”

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  2. Sometimes moving out won’t solve the problem. A wife shouldn’t leave her home. She can travel for a while but leaving is out of it. Unless he is being abusive.

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