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working women
working women

Please, Men, These Are The Reasons Why You Should Stop Looking For Working Class Lady To Marry

working class ladies

This days the desire for working-class ladies is so rampant among bachelors these days that a lot of them are ready to slaughter good character on the altar of financial gains. This has not always been like this in the past years. Working-class ladies are now the hot cake in town right now for some men that are looking for a wife to marry. The question now is what happens to the good character of that lady?

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I am not saying that there is something wrong with marrying a working-class woman. At least with the current economic reality in the country, it would be very stressful and burdensome on the man if he is the only one carrying the financial responsibilities in the family.

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The issue here is why do most eligible men that are teaching for wives want her to already start earning income when will all know from the beginning of time that man is the breadwinner of the family.

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In my own opinion, I think this attitude need to be discouraged from our young men for these reasons that I am about to list below.

1. Women are not wired by God to be a carrier of family responsibilities

God created a woman to assist man in his work as He found out due to His infinite wisdom that man cannot do it alone. A man is the one that supposes to “have something doing” before thinking of marrying a wife and not the other way round.

Marrying a woman that is already making money just for the single reason to start depending on her is wrong and it always backfires.

2. A working-class woman might not be totally submissive

Submission to the husband as if he is the Lord is one of the instructions God gave the woman in the Holy Book. How would you expect total submission from a lady whose earning capacity is higher than yours that is seeking her hand in marriage. Unless she is the God-fearing type.

3. A lady who is working might have established her path of destiny

One of the reasons for marriage is the fulfillment of destinies. There is a high tendency to clash destinies if a man whose destiny is to be the breadwinner of his family ended up marrying a lady who is working just to keep busy not to assume any responsibilities in the family.

4. Women love it when their men are in charge

Except for a few women, majority of women today show love and respect to their husbands when he is in total control of the responsibilities in the family.

I am not saying here that you should not marry a working-class woman in case you meet one, all I am saying is that if you are marrying her don’t allow her money to be the major reason but her character.

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