Wednesday , March 3 2021
getting to know your spouse Credit:Pulse News
getting to know your spouse Credit:Pulse News

Men Know how to tell that your girlfriend is ready to be your wife.

If she’s ready and itching for you to put a ring on it, these are five major signs you’ll notice.

And among other things, the five signs below will prove this to you.

1. She speaks of you as ‘we’

Has she started to use ‘we’ instead of the former singular pronouns ‘I,’ ‘me,’ ‘you’?

Once your girl starts to speak of future events; lumping you and herself into plural pronouns, just know she’s already your Mrs. in her mind and all that’s left is for you to do the needful.

2. Adopted apartment

If you know you can’t really call your apartment yours and your girlfriend literally owns the place as much as you do, then you’re half married to her already, as far as she’s concerned.

She’s got a key to the place, has more than half her clothes in the closet and make up kit sits pretty somewhere… yeah, bruh, that’s another hint that her life and yours and probably too twined now for you not to wife that woman.

She knows it, and she’s expecting you to do it.

3. Kiddie Talk

Have you begun talking about number of kids and picking names yet? Has she hinted on the training method she’d want you and her to employ while raising your children?

Well, nothing screams “I’m ready to have your baby” more than this and if you are not quick to pick this hint and put a ring on it, don’t be surprised that her birth control pills might fail and she mistakenly get pregnant for you.

4. Parents’ involvement

Also she starts to angle for a meeting with not just your siblings but with your parents. She’ll also make sure you come see her folks.

5. Weddings frenzy

There’s a very high possibility that she’s going to drag you on a wedding tour.

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