Wednesday , March 3 2021
Get a health Organ Credit:Opera News
Get a health Organ Credit:Opera News

Men take care of your organ and do more exercise!

Dear Men, If You Still Love Your Male Organ, Stop These 5 Habits

So many men are still not aware that their lifestyles can directly and indirectly damage their male organ permanently, and most times this can affect their health and relationship in the long run.

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Below are some of the habits that many men practice but is slowly damaging their male organ.

1. Lack of exercise

Lack of exercise have shown to affect the sexual health in men. Studies have also shown that men who exercise regularly experience better sexual health.

2. Smoking

Researches have shown that the male organ has tiny holes and flesh, and the more you smoke, the more the niconitic acids enter into the holes and get trapped and this damages the male organ.

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3. Excessive alcohol

Taking excessive alcohol could have permanent or temporary effects on the vessels and nerves of the male organ.

4. Excessive intake of sugar

Some studies have shown that sugar can cause damage to the male organ, because the body uses fructose (a type of sugar) to produce fat. The excessive intake of sugar results in a build up of fats on the tiny capillaries leading to diseases and affecting good sexual health.

5. Excessive vitamin A intake

Consuming food rich in vitamin A is healthy especially from plants like fruits and vegetables, a recent research study showed that taking supplements that are high in vitamin A can be a problem to the male organ.

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