Monday , April 19 2021
Men tend to get angry when a woman cheats on them

Why do men get so, so angry when they’re cheated on?

It’s kinda straightforward like that in our collective consciousness. The narrative sees us believe that women somehow ‘expect’ to be cheated on because ‘all men cheat’ and ‘men will always be men.’

So what we have is an unfair situation, a particularly bothersome relationship dynamic which makes it feel OK for women to pardon and forge on when their men cheat; but on the other hand, validates men’s indignation and righteous rage when they get cheated on.about:blank

So let’s talk about reasons why this is so. Why does it bother men so much when a woman cheats on them, and why do more men find cheating absolutely unforgivable compared to women?

1. They know that cheating, for women, is solely for emotional purposes

When women cheat, it is for emotional reasons. Women do not cheat for physical reasons, and for the most part it’s not for sexual gratification. It has been said that the need to bridge an emotional gap, to plug some emotional vacuum is what leads women into affairs.

So, for men, knowing that the woman has detached herself emotionally and that their time is likely over makes cheating an extra-uneasy pill to swallow for them.

2. Ego takes a hit

Whereas women become [inexplicably] ashamed and embarrassed when their partner cheats on them, men see cheating as an affront on their ego. They probably feel that being cheated on is the highest form of disrespect ever, and this makes it even more difficult to stomach it.

Because, you know, men think they deserve respect as a birthright.

3. They never see it coming

The average man, no matter how unkempt, emotionally unavailable, difficult and problematic he is, still feels like he deserves loyalty and may never, for the life of him, imagine that his babe has it in her to either dump him or cheat with another man.

And while this is not entirely a wrong thing to expect, [I mean, if you’re still with someone, it’s only OK for them to expect loyalty from you] it’s still kinda deluded and naïve to think that women, especially the ones with unmet and unsatisfied emotional needs cannot or will not seek to get it from someone else.

4. They feel like cheating is for men

Crazy, right? But, yeah, it’s true. Some men are conditioned to think that only women get cheated on. They think it’s a man’s game to do that. Cheating is something men do. A woman cheating is… just wrong. But when it’s a man, it could be pardonable, explainable, there could be some way to justify it, it could be explained away, put in some perspective that makes it less of an issue.

But a woman cheating… and God safe us… a married woman?! Nah. That’s too scandalous. The greatest sin of all time.

5. They’ve been faithful all along

Like we pointed out above, cheating is painted to look like a man’s game. So when a man chooses to stay faithful to his wife or partner, they think they deserve some medal. Some extra cool points for being the guy who does not cheat, not to be rewarded with cheating.

Lesson Learnt: Please respect your relationship and stop cheating

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  1. Cheating is applicable to men and women as far as they are all human beings. Everyone gets hurts when they find out this from their partners. It is not a man’s game to cheat and certainly not a woman’s. Everyone should respect their relationship and value their partners. It’s the best way to live a fulfilled life. When you guys pray, to God, it will definitely be answered because you are both clean in spirit.

  2. Finding a way to lower your life span on earth and cause difficulties for yourself, play the game of cheating.

  3. Yeah. I agree with your points here. It is very painful to cheat, but a man who has a caring and loving partner will never see any reason to do that, except he is promiscuous man in nature.

  4. One of the main reasons for cheating is promiscuousity or to gain favour. Or when there are alot of issues in a relationship. It is common for men to feel hurt when cheated on because from time immemorial it has been known most men are live with these acts. Women are seen as more sacred. Therefore it looks like a Taboo when heard she has committed the act. Cheating is bad. It brings disrespect.

  5. There are still many faithful men out there. But they are so hard to come by. And most of these men always fall victims with cheating partners. That is why some men prefer to only give birth and not to get married because they are scared of marriages. But it only takes the grace of God for men like this to see partners whom are also faithful. Once they get such partners, their lives together will be extraordinary. It’s such couples that grow old together and are always admired by many. Faithfulness are one of reasons we admire old couples who still love themselves like new couples. Cheating is the number one thing that breaks a relationship. Once you cheat on your partner, you will never be the same way to them again. Disrespect, taunts, and issues will always set in. I don’t know why it is so hard for couples to stay without cheating. It hurts alot to do that.

  6. Normal to vex na. Woman suppose no cheat on us. Na we be Boss.

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