Monday , March 8 2021
Mercy Eke defrauded

“ I was scammed” – Mercy Eke cries out after she was defrauded.

The reality star revealed this today, Friday January 22 in an Instagram live. She said that she received a call from someone and she thought it was from her bank.

According to her, she was asked for her bank details which she gave to them only for her to find out that the call was not from her bank.

Advising her fan on Instagram, Mercy told them to be careful who they give their bank details to while stating that she often receive calls from her bank.

Mercy Eke

She also suggested that banks should stop calling their customers so as to identify scammers when they call their phone.

However, Mercy said she will not bank with the said bank again while pleading with the bank to return her money.

Watch the video below.

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  1. No be big money dem collect from you na im make you still get mouth dey talk.

  2. You were not smart enough. That was why you fell victim

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