Saturday , February 27 2021
Prayer Changes things Credit:Opera
Prayer Changes things Credit:Opera

Morning prayers(17-11-2020):Are you awake? Render these few prayers freely to the Almighty God

Prayer to Almighty God

Prayer should be continuous and not once in a while,for God commanded us to pray without season. Every new day is an opportunity to come before the Lord with our prayers and supplication.

Bow your head Let us pray

1.Oh Lord I thank for your heavenly blessing upon my life,I bless your name for keeping me alive even till this era.

2.Oh Lord I commit my everything into your mighty hands this morning; Take charge over me this day.

3.Let your glory reflect in my spiritual life, business,academics and all areas of my life.

4.Oh God I bring my finance before you, settle my finance today.

5.Oh Lord let there be grace to achieve greater things today.

6.Oh Let every portals of favour be open for me this morning.

7.I shall not die prematurely! I proclaim long life because Jesus has died for me so that I may live long.

8. I sanctify my going out and my coming in with the blood of Jesus.

Thank you lord for answering my prayers for in Jesus name I pray

Let somebody say Amen!

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