Tuesday , January 19 2021
Mountain of Fire Ministry Pastor said the Corona Virus is real

Don’t joke with COVID-19 – Olukoya urges Nigerians

The General Overseer of the Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries (MFM) Dr. Daniel Olukoya has urged Nigerians to take COVID-19 seriously.

The pastor made the statement during the inauguration of the remodeled foyer of the University of Lagos’ Senate Building on Monday.

Coronavirus: MFM GO, Olukoya Sends Strong Message To Nigerians
Dr. Olukoya

Olukoya said many Nigerians still did not believe that the virus was real. But as a microbiologist, he was sure it existed and should not be joked with.

He advised the government to mount an awareness campaign to persuade Nigerians that the virus is real.

“The first thing is to convince the populace that it is real because some people don’t believe it exists. But I am a man of God and I have prayed for so many people with the same infirmity and I know that it exists. So, we should not joke with it. People should obey all the rules. And most importantly, we should pray that this pandemic will go away,” he said.

The Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Oluwatoyin Ogundipe, thanked Olukoya for being a worthy alumnus of the university.

In the past, Ogundipe said Olukoya had donated a research laboratory to the university and obliged his request for support to remodel the foyer last year.

“Today, we have our father in the Lord, an alumnus of the university donating this. Last year, I mentioned it to him and he said consider it done,” he said.

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