Monday , April 19 2021
Jason Njoku co-founder Iroko TV

“N4.6m school fees is cheap, I acrually pay more for my 3-year-old”in his education says-Jason Njoku

CEO of movie streaming platform, iRoko TV,Jason Njoku has stated that a school fees of N4.6 million in Nigeria is cheap, when compared to what people in other countries pay.

He also revealed that he pays more for his 3-year-old daughter’s tuition.

A Twitter user had shared the provisional bill for a school in Epe, Lagos State, with school fees of 4,643, 901 Naira.

The user threw the question open if such tuition fees was worth it in the Nigerian society.

Jason Njoku co-founder of Iroko TV

In reaction to the post, Jason Njoku wrote that the fees is actually cheap, as he stated that by African standard, most things are relatively cheap in Nigeria. He wrote;

“Most Nigerians don’t realise but most things in Nigeria are actually super cheap by African (forget global standards). For Tier 1 education in Africa (forget about globally) this for boarding school is cheap. I pay more for my 3-year olds montessori school.”

Sjared reciept and chats

year olds montessori school.”

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  1. Speaking of money, you name great men like this. There is nothing as sweet as making your own money man

  2. Big man spirit talking! When you have the money, spend it well on your wife and children. They are worth your sweat.

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