Saturday , February 27 2021
Never tell people about your plans and ideas

Never tell people these 2 things about you, it can affect your progress in life.

In life, it’s important that we take responsibility for our actions and stop blaming people and even God for our failure. Most times, what cause us not to experience progress in life is that we failed to do what is expected of us. In that sense, we discuss 2 major things you must not disclose to people,if you really want to progress in life.

Never tell people about your plans

1. Do not disclose your ideas.

What makes a man is the content of his head. No man that’s empty upstairs will be able to forget ahead and make meaningful progress in life. Ideas are what we conceived in our heart that’s unique, new, and useful. Most comedians are product of deep thinking and creativity. They would just do things in a new way.

Great people like, Bill gates, Steve Job, Elon Musk, have conceived and idea and execute perfectly well, and it has earned them fortune and make them famous. Your idea is a weapon and could be the key to your greatness. It’s your own, work on it. Trust God, your instinct, to help you to carry it out and succeed in it.

Sharing an idea with someone,no matter how close the person is to you, could be dangerous because, such a being might discourage you, or go on and execute such before you do. When you have an idea, please work on it yourself, it’s your idea, not public idea.

2. Never tell people the amount you earn.

Another important thing to note, if we really want to progress in life is that, we must know how to shut our mouth as regard our income. One of the things this will earn you is respect. If you earning small, but you are living fine, if people don’t know, they will forever envy and respect you. But if you are the type that run your mouth anyhow to disclose how much you earn, be sure that one day, they will insult you with it.

In other way round, if you are earning big, and you didn’t disclose it anyhow, you will save yourself of some unnecessary intruders, who will frustrate your life with incessant begging.

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  1. Sometimes it is better to just keep things to yourself especially when it concerns your progress

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