Saturday , November 28 2020
US army intelligence Source:Opera News
US army intelligence Source:Opera News

Niger kidnapping Tweet Hours After U.S Army Stormed Nigeria, This is What Buhari’s Aide Tweeted That Got People Talking


Great news,The U.S department of state has announced the rescue of an American citizen who was kidnapped by bandits in Niger but was held hostage in Nigeria. According to the state, the American citizen was kidnapped by bandit in Masalata, a boarder town in Niger. He was identified earlier in the week by a local government official as Philipe Nathan Walton, though other officials and news reports cited slightly different spellings of the man’s first name, including Phillipe and Philip.

“No U.S military personnel were injured during the operation. We appreciate the support of our international partners in conducting this operation,” The statement said.

However, in a controversial tweet hours after the U.S department of state made the announcement, a presidential media aide, Bashir Ahmad, made a statement regarding the incident that got people talking. According to him, the news outlet that reported the news deliberately excluded Niger and mentioned only Nigeria so that they can get the target retweet and get more Nigerians cursing their country which they have already succeeded.

“The @NBCNews deliberately excluded Niger and mentioned only Nigeria so they can get the target retweets and attract more Nigerians to curse Nigeria. They knew Nigerien will not take such information as an excuse to curse their country. Some Nigerians are already doing it gladly.” He writes.

But his statement was backlashed by many tweeter users who disagree with him. Checkout some of the comments below:

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