Friday , January 22 2021
Rapper Iceberg Slim complains about Men Cheating with multiple women

Iceberg Slim-sleeping with multiple women a pride right for men?


Nigerian Musician Iceberg on sharing his thoughts on his official Instagram page, ask why most men brag about sleeping with many women.

According to him, being able to stay with one woman is a better achievement to brag about than sleeping with more women.

He also stated that why men should brag more about keeping one woman is because that type of relationship requires efforts, live, resources, patience, thinking outside the box and live language, therefore should be more of an achievement.

See his post below

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  1. I too like this guy honestly. You nailed it

  2. True talk. Men are too common with that stuff. It’s not easy to see someone whom is faithful.

  3. Some guys are just born with flirting habit and cheating. Being true to your girl is from the heart and there is certainly no other happiness you will feel when you become a faithful and truthful partner.

  4. Once you find the right woman. Forget the rest. It takes a great deal not be a faithful partner. But once your mind is made up, it’s for the best.

  5. Most women have badluck. Once a man has the habit of sleeping around, many things begin to crumble. You also put your wife or the one you claim to be your main chick at risk. You will be affected spiritually, emotionally, mentally and otherwise. Cheating is bad honestly. I have experienced it before that is why I decided to say something. One man, one woman is best in life. Take my advice.

  6. Cheating strip you off your diginity and respect. It denies you many things. Infact, cheating is termed a “Disease”

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