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bringing down people with words of the mouth and action

Main Reasons Why People Put Others Down

Looking and putting people down in our society today

1. To cause themselves to feel much improved. 

As in reverse as it might sound, these individuals rest easy thinking about themselves by exacerbating others. 

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They will ordinarily have low confidence, and their confused method of boosting it is to train in on someone else.

Despite the fact that they, themselves, are unreliable, a typical procedure they’ll utilize is to pinpoint the frailties of others. 

Their self image will get impermanent help from its own agony by dispensing hurt upon another person. 

Obviously, this help doesn’t keep going long, thus the culprit is consistently watching out for approaches to put individuals down. 

2. They are desirous. 

Given their low confidence, it distresses them to see another person progressing nicely, in any feeling of the word. 

Their envy makes them lash out. Their point is to bring the other individual down to their level by deprecating their victories or joy. 

Truly, it’s angry, however it’s the solitary way they realize how to move toward those individuals who have what they need. 

The fundamental message is: “In the event that I can’t have a positive outlook on myself, neither can you.” 

3. To cause themselves to feel significant. 

No one jumps at the chance to feel little or irrelevant. Yet, a few people utilize put downs to give themselves more prominent significance. 

This is regularly as a component of a gathering or in an order where they accept that assaulting another person gives their own standing a lift. 

What these individuals don’t understand is that, while this methodology may work to a little degree in some vicious business fields, it regularly has the contrary impact when all is said in done life. 

4. To make others like them. 

Making somebody the aim of a very much considered joke among a gathering of companions can make everybody snicker. 

In any case, a few people adopt this strategy in different circumstances, believing that it will help other people feel all the more emphatically toward them. 

It won’t. 

These individuals truly care about others’ opinion about them, however regardless of whether they create a few grins or laughs to the detriment of their casualty, the basic inclination will regularly be that of ponderousness. 

5. To stand out enough to be noticed. 

A few people feel a little lost when individuals aren’t focusing on them. Thus they ridicule others to stand out enough to be noticed they want.

Lesson to learn:- please always respect other people and their opinion never look down on anyone, show love always

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