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Sex duration

We got Nigerians to speak on how long they expect a satisfactory round of sex to last.

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Particularly when it comes to sex, what’s good for the goose is not always good for the gander. While some might literally cry at the thought of having sex that’d end before a small pack indomie was completely done, some seem to actually delight in the same thing. To get a clearer insight into how individuals think of pleasure in relation to the duration of sex, we asked 7 people to gist us how long a round of sex should last and here are the responses we got.

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Ah. For me the shorter the better o. The older I get, the more impatient I get. If you can come in two minutes, I don’t mind. I am not one of those that mock men like that

2. ola/Female

I think a round of sex should last as long as both partners are satisfied. Interestingly, satisfaction differs for both sexes in different ways. Men and women are on a timer when they are aroused. Some men last two minutes upon contact with a woman’s vagina, others minimum of 15 minutes. A quickie takes less than three minutes and some women don’t experience orgasm even after multiple rounds. Any round of sex should be centered on satisfaction.

3. Chigo/Female

Personally, if penetration and thrusting last for more than 20 minutes, I would zone off. So for me, 20 minutes. Excluding the foreplay

4. Ogechi/Female

20-30 minutes. Anything less than this, I’d definitely be judging the guy

5. Mary/Female

I don’t time it. I kind of feel like this thing can’t be timed. And also I think it varies. I’ve had bomb 1 minute sex before. Like one insane minute. And there’s been longer say like 15 minutes or so and I think for me, that variation is what makes it fun. It’s not robotic. So far I enjoyed it, I don’t mind how short or long it is.

6. Lizzy/Female

To each their own, but for me, like 2 hours. Not penetration, sex. The whole shebang.

7. Tunde/Male

I think what many women don’t know is that the first round is not always the measure of a guy’s stamina. Second and subsequent rounds are the best ways to check a guy’s stamina. Anyway sha, 5-15minutes feels like the average time for me. Once I am thrusting for more than 15minutes and I don’t come, that woman is dead. Because usually, that is my beast mode. I could be there for 45 minutes, I no go come. Na them dey tap out when we reach that level.

*All names have been changed for anonymity purposes

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  1. Wow I love such topics honestly. Lolz… For me I will say 30mins

  2. If a man can fuck me for a whole day using one one interval to rest, I won’t mind

  3. As long as they are satisfied. Some guys thinks the longer the sweeter , No. For me the longer the more i get bored. There are days you might want it long while there are days you might want it short and nasty

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  5. Get high if you want to fuck well. You no go know when you go do 3hrs. Lol…

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