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Pls Women, No Matter How Hard It Is, Never Hide These 3 Secrets From Your Husband or intended husband

Pls Women, No Matter How Hard It Is, Never Hide These 3 Secrets From Your Husband or intended husband

Secrets in Marriage

Today I wanted to tell you as a woman that you don’t need to hide any secret from your man. Here are 3 things you don’t need to hide from your man

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1.Genotype and medical history

In addition to being HIV positive or suffering from sickle cell anemia, your medical information is not something you want to share, but at some point, you will have to share it; especially when the relationship becomes serious and When you think your boyfriend will take things to a new level.

2. Children from a previous relationship

First, it means confirming these past relationships. Tell your partner how you perform in dating and relationship games.

If you have children from a previous relationship, just tell your man about it. Even if the child is not with you or you have not contacted them, your partner should know.

3.Sexual abuse is one of the toughest ordeals a person can go through and conveying that experience, even with your partner can be difficult. While it can be difficult to talk through and relive, your spouse must understand that you were once abused. Abuse can have an impact on how you relate or respond to others. Even if you’ve been through counseling and confronted with the abuse, it’s still crucial that your spouse knows so that they understand what you’ve been through, and they can finance and support you.

Note: Find a convenient and relax time to discuss all these things with your husband .never hide away anything from your man

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  1. Most times it is not easy to say some certain things. But the earlier the better, if you truly love someone.

  2. There is nothing as painful as knowing a secret that ought to have been shared at the early stage of a relationship, then finding out later. It has broken relationships and many homes

  3. When you love someone, is good to be truthful to them. Hiding things from them will only make them trust you less and feelings starts fading.

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