Saturday , January 16 2021
Celebrity Politician Ned Nwoko
Celebrity Politician Ned Nwoko

BBNaija Princess said “Ned Nwoko tried to marry me, but I refused”

Ned Nwoko

Celebrity BBNaija star, Princess Onyejekwe, has revealed that she was approached for marriage by billionaire businessman, Ned Nwoko, but she rejected his advances then

Ned Nwoko Biography: Facts, career, wives, net worth, recognitions,  philanthropy
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Ned Nwoko is a Nigerian billionaire businessman and polygamist who has six wives. He is married to Nigerian actress, Regina Daniels, a union which has placed him more in the limelight.

Princess Onyejekwe recently took to social media to reveal that she was done dating for love, and during an engagement with a follower in the comment section of her post, she revealed that  she was approached by Ned Nwoko, when she was much younger, but rejected his offer because she didn’t have sense. She wrote in her Instagram handle:

“Can I officially state that i am done dating for love…

I mean i am now only available for self investments / intensive funding.

Best regards.”

A social media user would then ask if she would accept a proposal from Ned Nwoko and she wrote in response;

“he did when I was younger. I didn’t have sense”

Princess Onyejekwe Ned Nwoko Tried To Marry Me I Refused


Ned Nwoko recently revealed that he met Regina Daniels for the first time when the actress came visiting with her mother at his home, noting that his home was/is a tourist attraction.. and then he proceeded to marry her without hesitating.

The politician during an interview disclosed that he’s not of the opinion that a couple should date in any form before marriage, as it takes away the excitement of learning each other, when they finally marry.

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