Thursday , January 28 2021
Asaba youth beaten Credit:Opera News
Asaba youth beaten Credit:Opera News

Recently in Asaba See What A Female Soldier And Her Colleagues Did To A Sickle Cell Patient In Asaba Today (photos)


Today in Asaba, Delta state, some set of soldiers were seen wrongly brutalizing residents including a sickle cell patient.

According to the video shared by a Human Right Activist named Harrison Gwamnishu, the soldiers stopped a car containing a sickle cell patient who was going to the hospital.

One of the soldiers who was a female asked the sickle cell patient to lie down flat on the ground and began to beat him mercilessly.

The family of the sickle cell patient told the female soldier that the man is a sickler but the soldiers refused to let them go and stated that the man must die there.

The crime the innocent citizens committed is yet to be known but this is all shades of wrong and the military personnels needs to be punished for this.

See more photos below:

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