Wednesday , February 24 2021
kubwa Orientation camp Credit:Opera
kubwa Orientation camp Credit:Opera

Remember “His Height Didn’t Stop Him ” – Meet The Smallest Corp Member In Abuja Orientation Camp

The Smallest Corp Member In Abuja

NYSC DETAILING It Is another orientation camping for all the eligible graduates as they exercise their patriotic right in Nigeria. This is the second orientation camp this year, because of the effects of the pandemic and also the rules that prohibit large gatherings. Recently, the Federal Government has lifted the ban on orientation camps. Here is the smallest Nigerian Youth Corp member in Nigeria that is trending on social media.

Abu as popularly called holds a degree in Library Information Technology which he obtained from the prestigious University of Technology Minna, located in Niger state. Despite his small nature, Abu hits the orientation camp to join other Nigerian graduates to serve his father’s land.

Abu didn’t see his size as a hindrance to serve his beloved country both under rain and sun. He became unique in the camp as he was seen granting interviews to medias and journalists. Abu was also standing in front of other Corp Members in the parade ground. His appearance on social media has triggered a lot of reactions from people. Here is their reactions below: 

Do you think he deserves this interview for his courage and resilience spirit to serve his father’s land?

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