Saturday , March 6 2021
Secure your bank details Credit:Opera News
Secure your bank details Credit:Opera News

See How Fraudsters Use Your BVN and DOB to Withdraw Money from Your Bank Account

Bank verification number (BVN)

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Before I go straight to the point, let me first give you the meaning of BVN and DOB. These 2 pieces of information are very important and you must keep them secret from Fraudsters and scammers.

Bank verification number (BVN)

It’s 11 digits number attached to all Nigerians account Numbers, it’s unique to every Account holder in Nigeria. As a Nigerian, you can’t have 2 BVN but you can have several Account Numbers. Your BVN serves as your ID card for banks to trace your bank details anytime you have a bank issue.

Day of birth (DOB)

Some people don’t keep their date of birth secret because they believe Fraudster doesn’t need it to withdraw money from their account. This is a third bank detail you should keep secret after your ATM pin and BVN. Your date of birth is Written in form of DD/MM/YYYY.

How Fraudster Use BVN and DOB to Withdraw Money from Your Bank Account

A fraudster needs your BVN and DOB to generate a One-time Password (OTP). When Fraudster gets your BVN, DOB, and your phone number, they will input your BVN and DOB to an online payment platform to generate OTP. He will then call you to request you to call the OTP number for him. If you mistakingly call the 6 digits number that entered your phone number to him, he will use it to withdraw money from your bank account. Please don’t share the OTP number with anybody.

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