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The harm wall gecko can cause
The harm wall gecko can cause

See How Harmful Wall Geckos Are And How To Get Rid Of Them

Wall Gecko

 Investigations have shown that wall geckos are a source of allergen and causes fear in an individual at sight but not everyone takes wall geckos to be something scary. Some people believe that wall geckos causes bad dream while some believe that they are being used by wizards and witches to spy on people and to spread bad luck. Regardless of whether a wall gecko is scary or not you are still going to learn how to avoid them and how to get rid of them because they are not good and they ought to stay out of site. Wall geckos are harmless and non_poisonous nut they sure carry bacteria in their mouths which can cause serious ailments, they can infect your foods and spread bacteria without you knowing and when such infected foods are being eaten, they cause serious ailments. They infect not only foods but they can infect toothbrushes that are left in the open without coverage and toothpastes too. Always cover your toothbrushes and foods if you notice wall geckos in your house in order to avoid being infected by the bacteria they carry in them.

Wall geckos can also spread their bacteria by touching spoons, plates and pots and other kitchen utensils. You should always wash your kitchen utensils properly before use. They can be inside your house without you knowing o you should always be sure to wash everything you put in your mouth before usage. Keep it on your mind that wall geckos do not have poison but they spread bacteria which when consumed can cause sickness.

Wall geckos enter your houses through openings, when you leave your doors and windows open regularly, they find entrance through those openings. They also have access to your houses through broken or cracked walls. Those are the two major ways that wall geckos enter houses. You are not expected to close your doors and windows all the time neither are you expected to leave it open all the time, you should make use of nets both with your windows and doors so that their will be proper ventilation and reptiles will not be able to gain access to your home whenever you leave them open. Avoid anything that will break your walls and give entrances to reptiles, even snakes can gain access to your various houses if you are not careful.


1) Kill them whenever you sight them

You must never relent in killing wall geckos maybe probably because you are scared or maybe because you find it irritating to approach. Precisely, killing them has more effect than any other thing you will do to get rid of them.

2) Use onion, ginger and garlic

They hate the smell of those three things and they always avoid such places where they sense or smell garlic, ginger and onion. You are expected to cut small pieces of them and put them in some angles and corners of your house and some places you know that can serve as a good entrance to them

3) Keep your house tidy at all times

This is another effective method you can use to get rid of them and also avoid them them, you are expected to keep your houses in a neat and tidy condition all the time. This method will also prevent other reptiles and insects from entering your household.

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