Thursday , January 28 2021
Reason's Why Men ask for sex in return for favor

Nigerian men give reasons why sex is the only thing they ask for in return for their favor

Nigerian men and Sex for favor

Most Nigerian men on Twitter has revealed the reasons why sex is the only thing they ask for in return for favours done to women.

A Twitter user @Berrypinging had asked a question online which caught the some men Twitter user’s attention. She tweeted;

“Let’s discuss this. Why is sex the only thing men ask for in return for their favour?”

Some of the Twitter male users opined that the reason why they ask for sex in exchange of Favour’s because sex is the only thing women can offer.

See the questions and the responses they gave below

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  1. Not all men are categoried under this statement.

  2. This are for men who doesn’t respect women. And for ladies who offer themselves willingly. After the sex, they become of no use.

  3. This is not applicable to everyone, individual differences matters alot. I don’t believe that all what a woman can offer is just sex. If you value her, she can offer more than just that.

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