Wednesday , January 27 2021
sexual starvation in marriage between husband and wife

For 10 years, My husband of 16 years hasn’t touched me.

Marriage scandal

In Ibadan, Nigeria a woman identified as Toyin Bello, has complained in a Customary court in Ibadan that her husband of 16 years, has not slept with her in 10 years.

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The woman who petitioned the Ile-Tuntun Customary Court in Ibadan to dissolve her 16-year marriage to her husband, Dotun, cited lack of productivity, irresponsibility, and sex starvation as her reason.

Toyin, a resident of Soka area in Ibadan, told the court that when she could no longer bear the shame of childlessness, she compromised righteousness and got pregnant for another man to shield her husband from the shame of old age.

She added that about six years after the death of the legitimate child she had for Bello, he adamantly refused to make sexual advances to her and she became worried.

“Then, I started running from pillar to post; seeking spiritual and other available solutions towards getting pregnant for him.

“Dotun himself went to the hospital, but he never showed me the result of the test conducted on him in spite of my numerous demands.

“When Dotun was not at home one day, I saw the result where he hid it and it read: `unproductive due to low count discharge`

“With age not on my side any longer, I did the needful by secretly getting pregnant for another man so as to make him happy.

“Immediately after delivery, Dotun started misbehaving as he became grossly irresponsible and hostile to me and to the child.

“In fact, for the past 10 years now, he hasn’t slept on the same bed with me let alone touch me and I’m already feeling the trauma.

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  1. Hmmmm. People are really facing problems in marriages oo.

  2. Nawaoo… You and your husband live for the same house for 10yrs, no touching body, for wetin na? If na me I for don give my wife Belle like 15 times.

  3. This one touch me oo… Man must knack. Oga I think what you need is Gboko cleanser.

  4. Chaii I pity that woman oo… Some people Sabi mumu after marriage. No dulling moment for my wife oo

  5. Chaii I pity that woman oo… No dulling moment for my wife she go still dey collect even when she be 100yrs

  6. That is against God’s ordinance when it comes to marriage. Consummation is one thing that builds love between two people.

  7. I rather be in a relationship for years than to enter a marriage and suffer like that. Many people choose the wrong partners. God help us.

  8. Wetin happen naw… 10yrs ke. That woman get mind oo. and you still stay that marriage. Nawoo. Clap for yourself abeg.

  9. Woman! that your husband dey collect steady for outside. You just dey deir dey kill yourself.

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