Monday , March 1 2021
Signs of weakness in a Man

The signs of a weak man in a relationship.

In life every committed man in a relationship must give a listening ear to his partner. He must listen to his partner’s needs, suggestions and take her advice in matters regarding their relationship.

This doesn’t mean they’re going to agree, but they’re going to listen to what their partner has to say and go from there.

  •  He doesn’t stand up for you

A guy must stand for his woman, his friends who are verbally-bashing you or some random guy at a bar.

They’re supposed to be your support system. A weak man will ignore it because he doesn’t want to get involved or will join the others and tease you. But that isn’t a real man at all.

  • You make all the plans

Whether it is a dinner date or friend’s wedding, he doesn’t take any active role in the planning.

A weak man is someone who lets everyone else work for them. They don’t want to be a leader, they want to be a follower and be taken care of.

  • You clean up after him

He leaves his clothes lying around or has food wrappers everywhere, but the thing is, though he can clean up his own mess, he doesn’t. Instead, he waits for you to do it. You clean up after him in more than a physical sense.

If he has unpaid bills or needs an excuse to bail an event, you’re the one doing his dirty work. It’s like he’s a giant baby.

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  1. So men are just weak in nature. I can’t date such men

  2. I dated someone like this. Immediately I noticed he was just like this, I ended the relationship. Men who can’t stand up for their relationship are not entitled to a relationship.

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