Friday , March 5 2021
pregnant baby mamas Credit:Laila
pregnant baby mamas Credit:Laila

So strange Celebrity Pretty Mike: attends Williams Uchemba’s wedding with an entourage of heavily pregnant women (video/photo)

Pretty Mike

The controversial club owner referred to the women as his “6 baby mothers to be”.

Source:Twitter and Akpraise

This isn’t his first time Pretty Mike is being controversial while attending an event. He was once called in for questioning after he attended an event accompanied by a number of women on dog leashes. Also, in 2019, he attended an event with four dwarfs carrying a calabash.

21 things I learnt too late in life – Pretty Mike

However, many people were not surprised by his entourage of pregnant women, cause the Lagos. socialite always makes a controversial and grand entrance while attending an event.

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