Wednesday , March 3 2021

Start earning Bitcoin with your unused Gift Cards; here’s how to go about it

BTC Although Bitcoin, in fact, cryptocurrency in general, is currently a hot topic that more people are becoming familiar with, some people are still hesitant to trade in their hard currency to buy Bitcoin.

If this is you, or you’re simply that guy who just wants to expand your Bitcoin reserve by earning more, then we’re glad you found this article.

It will interest you to know that there are many ways that you can earn Bitcoin without having to take a huge chunk of your savings in order to invest. For example, you can mine bitcoin using a software on your computer or get paid bitcoin from freelance platforms and micro jobs sites in exchange for your services.

However, one very easy and particularly comfortable way to earn Bitcoin is selling and buying gift cards from popular online stores like Amazon, Google Play or iTunes!

What is gift card trading?

Gift cards are an amazing alternative to a gift item, they come with a specific monetary value for the recipient to shop with and can be sent to anyone wherever they are without worrying about logistics like you would with a physical gift. However, many gift cards never get used. This could be because the store which the gift card comes from is not one the recipient patronises, or maybe the money value on the gift card is too little to buy anything the recipient really wants. In many cases, these gift cards end up getting wasted, which is why gift card trading was invented. Gift card trading allows owners to exchange their gift cards for cash.

How do you earn Bitcoin with gift card?

If you’re looking to earn crypto money and have a gift card you do not want, you can sell and ask your buyer to pay you in Bitcoin. In fact, you don’t have to wait till you receive a gift card. You can take advantage of special offers and promos to buy gift cards at a discounted price from a store and sell it at its original price while getting paid in Bitcoin.

What makes it a legit?

Unlike some other forms of earning Bitcoin like gambling which is risky and unprotected or like Bitcoin mining which is very complicated, gift card trading is simple and easy. And with a platform like Patricia, a top card-trading and cryptocurrency company in Nigeria, transactions are even more secure and trusted.

How to get started

Got a gift card you want to sell? Let Patricia help you connect with a buyer and get paid in Bitcoin once the Gift card has been redeemed.

Open an account on Patricia today and get started.

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