Monday , March 1 2021
The making of Obama Credit:Opera News
The making of Obama Credit:Opera News

Take life easy,Because Life Is Turn By Turn; See Rare Pictures Of How Obama Started

How Obama Started

I have come to realize that in life, no situation is permanent. No matter what you’re going through, once time prevails, the situation must assume a different colouration depending on your most positive approach. Life has several notations that keep swindling like a pendulum and you must position yourself always to be on top of the summit. The concept goes like this; poor today – rich tomorrow, sick today – healthy tomorrow, unemployed today – employed tomorrow, hungry today – well fed tomorrow, student today – graduate tomorrow, foolish today – wise tomorrow, a beneficiary today – a benefactor tomorrow and the list is to eternity (apologies to V. John Simeon). 

Now and most importantly, the article places focus on the super amazing story-to-glory life of the former United States of America’s President, (Barrack Obama) whom Kenya is his father’s hometown. Following the grace upon his life and destiny, he overcame the circumstances of his birth and rose to honour. From poverty to wealth and affluence, the days of his humble beginnings have now been replaced with beatification. It is true that every man is a victim of his belief system, but Obama held unto a belief system that sponsored hard work, diligence, prudence, dedication and trust in self to achieving his goals. And just like the proud conqueror of a vast empire, he can look back and say of a truth, hard work pays. 

Below are the pictures of what this icon of relevance looked like while starting out in life. And they’re ultimately to encourage you that you do not really need to give up on yourself. You’ll be fine, everything good will come and you shall find joy

Hope you now understand that your current level is someone else’s prayer point. It is true that you are not where you want to be, it is equally true that you’re no longer where you used to be. God is not through with you yet. You’ll rise to honour, that car, that husband, that wife, that child, that contract, that deal, that promotion, that employment, that appointment, that property, that relationship, that business deal, that position will come and your joy shall be full. 

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