Monday , April 19 2021
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The 4 deep secrets you should never tell your partner

We bring to you some common secrets that you should never tell your partner:

  • The best sex you’ve ever had

If your most memorable, knee-trembling and mind-blowing sex hasn’t been with your partner then don’t even think of blurting this out to them. Even if you want your partner to ace their sex game and gain tips from your sexual history, refrain from doing so as it can hurt their sentiments and ego quite a bit.

  • Being in contact with exes

There are chances that you maintain a cordial and good relationship with your exes. That is a great thing that might not sit well with your partner. You may face unnecessary arguments or slithers of jealousy slowly consuming your relationship. Hence, it’s better to keep those texts and calls to yourself.

  • Porn preferences

This is something one can never even dream of telling their partners. We all have different sexual preferences that we are either too insecure or ashamed to tell our partners. Watching pornography is a very private matter that one doesn’t wish to share with anyone. So, it’s better to keep your porn history tab locked.

  • Not liking a physical attribute

Nobody’s perfect. Even your partner has flaws and imperfections that you accept yet don’t really like very much. Whether it’s a crooked chin or a big nose, these are things your partner can’t change. Moreover, if you point it out to them, they will feel immensely insecure about their looks. So, it’s better to keep that dislike within yourself.

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  1. Nice one. Sometimes even if we think we have had the best sex with someone else, we should try out something new with our partners. So we don’t keep thinking of someone else while with our partners.

  2. In as much as there are some secrets we shouldnt share with our partners to prevent them being insecured. I wouldn’t like to harbor the thoughts of sexual events with someone else, other than my partner. keeping deep secrets while with my partner wouldn’t be a good idea either.

  3. True talk oo… There are some things that are just better left unsaid. Even if we want to carry out new fanatises, we should always try it out with our partners than exes or new catch. Saving your relationship is the best than few minutes fun.

  4. Exes can’t be friends anymore. Keeping exes, you lose your respect and can put your present relationship at stake. We just have to be wise when keeping secrets.

  5. If you know something may likely cause problem in your relationship, it’s better you keep quite. Although some partners can be understanding, but you don’t have to foolish when talking, know what may hurt them if you say it.

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