Saturday , February 27 2021
5 Nigerian makeup brands to look out for

The 5 Nigerian makeup brands to look out for

With the rising #BuyNigeria state of mind, we are shouting out five of these Nigerian brands.

1. Noir Black Beauty (NBB)

Created in 2019, NBB quickly caught the eyes with its affordable beauty tools and products.

From its luxe glitter brush set to Illuminators, Eyeshadow pigments, Compact highlighters and Primers, NBB has quickly shown itself to be the beauty product for makeup artists and everyday women. ‘Affordable Luxury’ is how best to describe NBB.

2. House of Tara (HOT)

We didn’t aim to get House of Tara on this list. It’s popular enough, so why give it more promotion? But we can’t help to mention HOT, known as the pacesetter in the industry.

Despite being a pioneer, House of Tara has continued to evolve with its product line, making sure you never take your eyes away from its product.

It’s over 270 products, 23 stores and more than 10 beauty schools all around Africa have given the House of Tara a strong brand recognition.

HOT is popularly known for its powders, highlighters, contouring palettes and eye shadows

3. Yanga Beauty

It didn’t take long for Yanga Beauty to become everyone’s favourite after its launch in 2016. This is why #Browlution, their 2017 social media campaign to market its eyebrow pencil line of the same name, was successful. Yanga Beauty has also impressed many with its range of matte and metallic lip creams.

The brand has since expanded with a retail store in Nigeria.

4. Nuban Beauty

It was with an eyeshadow palette that Nuban Beauty debuted into the industry. The brand had significant success with that line, and they have snagged a section of the market with their other makeup products since then.

5. Beauty By AD

Launched in November 2016, Beauty By AD has strived to surpass competitors in quality and value, which has heightened their brand image.

The unique selling point of this brand is that it caters to the average woman’s diverse makeup needs.

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