Tuesday , January 19 2021
The difficulty in getting a good wife in the village

Man Sad on how he couldn’t find a decent girl in his village in Nigeria

A decent Nigerian man from the east, who went to the village to look for a decent girl he could take as wife has lamented after he found out that village girls now wear leg chains and pierce their noses.Bede Nnamdi Nwulu took to social media to make his observation public.

He lamented over the unavailability of decent girls in the village to settle down with, adding that all the ones he knew before are now wearing leg chains and have joined the slay queens gang.

Village settings: image credit google

Nnamdi took to his Facebook page to narrate how he traveled to his hometown in search of a wife, but on getting to his village, he noticed that some of the girls he knew before that were decent are now fixing eye lashes and wearing bum shorts.In his words;

Almost all the decent village girls I used to know back then in the village are now wearing leg chains, fixing heavy eye lashes, and wearing bum shorts.Some have even changed the color of their hair from black to gold, and some have already pierced more than 3 holes on their ears and nostrils…..and I came to the village to look for a wife!

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  1. Lol… Everybody don tear eye now.

  2. Hahaha… I laugh in Spanish. You think say na Nigeria film? Guy there is no decent girl anywhere again. it only takes the grace of God to be connected to a good girl. Good girls are hard to find these days.

  3. Sit and pray for the right one to come your way. Even virginity is not a guarantee for finding true love or a good woman again.

  4. There’s alot to relationship issues people are ignorant of. You may think someone is decent, Decency is not the criteria for finding true love. Spiritual connection is. That is why we need to pray when in search of a partner. There are some depper life girls that are worst than the Christian girls in trousers. Let’s be guided.

  5. Hehehe… Some people no dey think oo. Na who teach you this style. Lol… My guy don watch Nolly wood tire. And his lesson learnt is to go to village to go find wife. Guy you miss road. These days na them worst pass. One village girl I go bring for my aunty won snatch her husband.

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