Thursday , January 28 2021
lingering poverty in Nigeria
lingering poverty in Nigeria

In 2022“Poor Nigerians will reach 100 million 2022


Recently the World Bank stated that by 2022, about 11 million more Nigerians were expected to fall into poverty due to the COVID-19 crisis.

The World Bank also put the financing portfolio approved by its board for Nigeria at about $11.5bn.

The bank disclosed this during its Nigeria Development Update virtual event, which had the theme ‘Rising to the challenge: Nigeria’s COVID-19 response’.

In his presentation at the event, an economist with the bank, Marco Hernandez, stated that before the COVID-19 pandemic, about two million Nigerians were expected to fall into poverty in 2020 as population growth outpaced economic growth.

Info source: World bank journal

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  1. This is a terrible situation for this country.

  2. This country is on it’s knees. That is why the level of crime is @ it’s peak.

  3. Nigeria is set back. Not good is here. Just suffering.

  4. This country is dead. God will help us

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