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Zodiac and star signs

The Zodiac and star signs: is it a Truth or fiction?

Zodiac signs have become a major tool among Gen Z and millennials to determine their personalities , even dating apps use zodiac signs to determine compatibility. Many Gen Zers have declined sexual relationships because of zodiac signs.

Since it has such a pervading influence, we decided to investigate the truthfulness or otherwise of zodiac signs.

In a year, the sun pass through a belt of sky containing 12 ancient constellations, or groupings of stars. These are 12 zodiac signs with their different symbols.

zodiac signs, image source:google
  1. Aries (Ram): March 21–April 19
  2.  Taurus(Bull): April 20–May 20
  3.  Gemini (Twins): May 21–June 21
  4.  Cancer (Crab): June 22–July 22
  5.  Leo (Lion): July 23–August 22
  6.  Virgo (Virgin): August 23–September 22
  7.  Libra (Balance): September 23–October 23
  8. Scorpio (Scorpion): October 24–November 21
  9. Sagittarius (Archer): November 22–December 21
  10. Capricorn (Goat): December 22–January 19
  11.  Aquarius (Water Bearer): January 20–February 18
  12.  Pisces (Fish): February 19–March 20. describes them thus, “over the centuries, each sign has developed its associations — including myths, animals, and colours — and its characteristics. Every sign is illuminated by its point of view, complete with powerful strengths and exhausting weaknesses.”

Astrologers carry out daily horoscopes based on the movement of the stars. The daily rising and setting of the sun are read to determine the outcome of a person’s life, but the stars are stationary, it is the earth that moves.

The position of the sun on the date of your birth is called your sun sign, star sign or birth sign.

Your star sign determines your personality, preferences, romantic compatibility, gifts, weakness, joys and fears. Allure calls it,“a distinctive celestial profile that serves as your cosmic fingerprint.”

The twelve zodiac signs are also divided into sub-groups: Fire, air, earth and water signs.

Fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius), Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn), Air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius), and Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces).

Fire signs are passionate and energetic, water signs are intuitive and emotional, air signs are intellectual and inquisitive, and earth signs are practical people.

It has been described as pseudoscience because of its lack of evidence and proof. It is based on predictions based on the stars like the sun and moon. Science has not discovered how the sun and planets affect people on earth.

There is an inherent lack of consistency in generalized classification, even though personalities are formed from birth, an Aquarius person can act like a proposed Sagittarius on different occasions and based on their moods.

Here is a description of a Sagittarius by Allure, “Sagittarius is notorious for its signature bluntness, and their “brutal honesty” can often lead to misunderstandings, communication breakdowns, and lots of hurt feelings.” Surely, there are times other people with other zodiac signs will act like this.

There is also a lack of methodology, scientific experiments follow a particular method that can be replicated anywhere and provide the same result. Different researchers have experimented with astrologers and each predicted different things.

Many people use zodiac signs as an excuse for bad behavior, yes it helps you understand yourself better but you are not a one dimensional person, events and situations can change you. You are evolving.

Zodiac signs will continue to be popular because they answer the most important questions; ‘who am I?’ and ‘what will happen in the future?’ Even though they are predictions, probability might make them right in some situations.

To sum up, Zodiac signs are as complicated as science – but they are not scientific – and people who believe in them take them as a faith – even though it as unbelievable as religion is to atheists.

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