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men die earlier than women Credit:Opera
men die earlier than women Credit:Opera

This is a school of thought If you are a Man, Here Are Reasons Why Men Die Earlier Than Woman (A study by Austin Briggs)

Men live their lives for women

In recent years Many have wondered why this record has always been in favour of women. In this article, we want to tell you why men die earlier than women.

Stress Symptoms in Men

This list of things are responsible for high blood pressure and sudden death of men…..Austin Briggs

1. Accident

Man are in many cases involved in long distance travels, the hustle for survival and to make end meet has always kept men in long distance travels. So Men has always been predisposed to a higher risk of accident than woman.

2. Wars

Men naturally engage in wars, even though some women may also join the army. It is the culture of men to defend their territories. It is even an abomination to kill a woman that is not a soldier in modern warfare, for this, men are more likely to die in wars than women.

3. Violence related death and crimes

More men engage in violence and crime than women. So if you want to live longer, avoid crime and violence, for this is one major cause of death among humans.

4. Men live their lives for women

Majority of men will do everything possible to please their woman. This will include laying their life for them. Although this is not been discouraged, since it is the nature of men to live for their families. Every animal has it’s culture, in human, the responsibility of protecting the family lies on the man.

Sometimes, the love and care of the family leads to the death of the man.

5. Anxiety and stress related deaths

Men are more prone to heart disease and other cardio vascular diseases. This is because the struggle and anxiety to put food on the table has always kept men working above normal working hours, which sometimes fall back on them in form of heart disease.

If you are a man and you want to live long, make out time for rest, work within working hours and commit your cares to a faithful creator.

6. Drug and alcohol abuse

Statistics show that men are more engaged in alcohol and drug abuse. So if you are a man and you want to live long, reduce your intake of alcohol and avoid drugs.

7. Cigarette smoking

Cigarette smoking is one cause of death among men, even though some women also smoke, more men smoke cigarettes than women, this also contributes to lower life expectancy of men.

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