Friday , March 5 2021
Credit:Pulse News
Credit:Pulse News

“This lady is a disgrace to Nigerian graduates” see what she wrote after her NYSC POP.


Sometimes when you look at why some people condemn education, you find out that it is because of the supposed educated people they have met. So many people go to school just to get the certificates and be called graduate not knowing that with or without a certificate, a graduate should be able to defend him or herself anywhere.

This is mostly seen when graduates are posted for their youth service. Some of them find it difficult to teach students or communicate with them in good English because they did not pay attention to the importance of education while they were students too.

Few days after the last batch of NYSC candidates had their Passing Out Parade, a lady whose pictures is seen below took to social media a very disgracing grammatical construction in celebration of her Passing Out Parade.

See the lady’s picture below and what she wrote about her Passing Out Parade.

This is a big disgrace to other graduates because, seeing this lady’s exposition can make someone loose interest in education.

What do you think about this?

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