Friday , March 5 2021
intimacy Credit:Google
intimacy Credit:Google

Three parts of a lady’s body you never know turns them on


The body of a woman is so soft and unique and we men crave after it for different reasons. Some go for a lady out of love, and others go for lust but either ways, they still hunt them.

You can never blame a man after all, it’s in his nature to always go for what is pleasing on to his eyes.

Ladies however, are not just different with the faces, but different in most things that makes them a woman and same it is with what parts of them get them in the mood.

We are all knowledged about the popular ones forgetting they are not just the only parts of their body that plays that role.

There are other secret places that if you don’t take a close observation, you will never know it is and it is not common with all ladies though. Here they are

1. Her inner back

This inner back is actually the line dividing the back down. It is a very sensitive part of a lady’s body that makes them calm and tempted to get down.

When you move your fingers down the back beginning from back of the neck, it tickles them at first but later begins to play it’s role.

2. Her Legs

Have you ever been to the gym or a masseur? If you are a masseur and you have ladies as your customers, how do they react when you massage their legs? That’s exactly how it is. There is this relaxation and sign of relief when their legs are being massaged and continuous massage for a longer period, makes them react.

3. Her Abdomen

It’s a hidden spot where you hardly think of and there lies another weak spot for ladies.

Like I said, it varies with ladies. Some feel ticklish when touched on the abdomen and they seem to like it while some feel pain and uncomfortable when touched there. But like I said, it is another spot where you make them feel vulnerable. Doesn’t work for all but you will never know till you try.

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