Saturday , January 23 2021
Man tried his wife to see her faithfulness

This Woman Was Set Up By Her Husband, Check Out What He Did To Her To Test Her Trustworthiness

To Know the Love and trust of your wife

A woman shared her complicated story about her marriage life on social media, Carefully read her story to the end. In accordance with what the married woman said, she met a man in the month of April and has been having a close conversation with him ever since. The man began to shower her with love, nice messages and gifts. The attitude of the man made her develop some kind of feelings and love for the man. Gradually, they both met each other and began to engage themselves in a romantic outing.

I planned to meet the man in a hotel by the end of the week, i lied to my husband that i was visiting a cousin of mine who lives along the area, the woman told.

Nevertheless, she met the man at the specified hotel and they both booked for a single room. The interaction began between the both of them but suddenly they heard a knock on their door, the man was frightened but he had no choice than to open the door.

Surprisingly, the woman’s husband came in angrily and he said “I’ve proven that you’re unfaithful to me”.

My husband set me up to test my trustworthiness, i was ashamed of myself and had no option but to move to my mother’s house.

With her current situation at hand, the woman was obviously set up by her beloved husband. What’s your advice for her? Here is what people are saying about the woman’s actions.

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  1. That man is a big fool.

  2. You lured your wife into a trap. And you are speaking of trust and faithfulness. Some men are just animals.

  3. That man never valued his wife. Even if his wife has lived such a life in the past, he shouldn’t have gone that far to play such pranks with her. That is immaturity of the greatest order.

  4. Some people honestly forget that, we are all humans. And everyone has the ability to feel at any point in time. And the ability for us to react at any situation is what makes us rational or irrational beings. I do not blame the woman, that man is not worthy of her. He was stupid to do that.

  5. Some women no just fit hold their self when they see fine guy, money, gifts. Madam go face your problem oo. You don marry, if you commot for that house nobody go marry you oo. Cuz they single girls are still begging us for marriage as you can see on the other post of this blog.( Imo girls in need of men) We are still considering them. We can’t be considering second hand now oo… Kpele oo…

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