Saturday , January 23 2021
Learn to keep secret to yourself

Note the things we need to stop asking and telling people in 2021.

Making a strict 2021 with keeping privacy and keep secrets to yourself

2020 has been a roller coaster, while it’s planning to pack its bags and baggage, there are some personal questions, remarks, and unsolicited advice you should not ask in 2021 and beyond.

1. ‘When are you having kids? why don’t you have kids? when are you having kids? Don’t you want kids? You don’t have much time left to have kids’.

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OMG! 😱 

Like seriously, is this even any of your business even if you’re family… You don’t know how this can hurt a couple that has been trying to conceive for several years.

While some may even have fertility issues they have been dealing with, the question can really be disturbing and may lead to depression.

2. “When are you getting married? When is your own turn?

Excuse me sir, ma. When you’re not a monitoring spirit.

Leave him/her! They will get married at their appointed time. Marriage is a forever journey let people prepare themselves.

I find it very interesting that those who are quick to ask and pass judgments are those having a miserable marriage. And they are just probably wanting you to be in the same shoes.

Some people may marry later on in life for various reasons. So leave them.

The remarks and unsolicited advice that should not be a part of 2021 are below:

1. ‘You can do that when you get married.’

Some people may not get married, why should they not achieve their goals because they don’t have a man next to them?

2. “The fairer you are the prettier you are”

The colour of your skin shouldn’t determine your beauty.

(Have you met agbani Derego)

3. “There’s something wrong with you if you aren’t married before you turn 30”

Must you even talk, if your mouth has to dance get yourself some chewing gum.

There’s no age limit or barrier to marriage. 

Getting married before the age of 30 doesn’t guarantee a blissful union.

4. ” There’s something wrong with you if your younger siblings get married before you”

Nonsense! There’s nothing wrong with that also. There’s no late comer in that institution enjoy your single life and live purposefully.

4. “Divorce will ruin your reputation/ damage your future”

Some people don’t want to stay in a toxic relationship. 

Allow them make their choice

5.See how fat you are, stop eating too much.

Be a little kinder. A little more thoughtful. 

Before you speak ensure your words go through these 3 gates. 

Is in kind!

Is it true!

Is it necessary!

Have you ever been asked any of the above questions? Please comment lets share ideas

Lesson Learnt: keep your privacy and don’t discuss your plans with people

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  1. I guess everyone has experienced such kind of question at one point in their lives. But it is time people honestly start minding their business.

    Asking someone questions that hurts their self esteem or making them feel less worth. Instead of body shaming or saying hurtful things to people let us learn how to encourage people in life.

  2. This post made my day

  3. Hahaha… Funny enough these are questions people feel is Normal to ask that doesn’t attach any hurt to the person it’s directed to. People should indeed learn how to mind their business.

  4. There is no time in life people won’t ask questions for things that concerns them and things that doesn’t. Make them for go gossip. Both men and women.

  5. You go marry today, person go dey help you calculate when you go born. After some months you go see person call you, how are you doing, you should have put to bed by now. Kia!! People Sabi find trouble eeh…

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