Tuesday , January 19 2021
domestic violence

“Domestic violence in Nigeria is a norm” by Victoria Inyama

Victoria Inyama

According to Victoria Inyama, abuse is normal in Nigeria and its a continuous thing from generation to generation. This she said is because children who grow up in a violent home will do the same when they grow up.

For years “Violence in home/society in Nigeria is a Norm.. Domestic violence in Nigeria is a norm, Violence is their confirmed form of ‘communication ‘…… l just feel sorry for the children growing up in a violent toxic home! The circle of Abuse continues …..
Children bred in an abusive home are 70/100 become Abusers. They mirror their childhood memories .. in their Adulthood……Who is the child’s Role Model…… The Abuser NEVER CHANGES….They only try to change their PATTERN”

She said;

image source:Twitter

Infor Credit:Laila’s News

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  1. This is the worst thing any woman can ever undergo in a relationship or marriage. May God not let us marry wrongly.

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