Wednesday , November 25 2020
A surprised gift from a girl friend Credit:Laila
A surprised gift from a girl friend Credit:Laila

Watch the video of a Man excited as girlfriend showers him with 30 gifts for his 30th birthday

Girlfriends gift, awww so romantic

The boyfriend, identified only as Jamel we can tell was pleasantly surprised after his woman showered him with 30 gifts for the forthcoming birthday.

Jamel’s birthday is in 30 days and his bae specially planned 30 gift items in a room in their home, and he is meant to open one daily till his birthday.

According to his girlfriend, the big surprise took months of work and she did the major planning while he was at work.

The man’s girlfriend filmed the moment he walked into the room where she arranged the gifts in a corner.

His girlfriend noted that each cup contains a sticker representing one of the gift boxes and he is meant to punch one a day to get the corresponding gift.

Jamel was stunned and could believe his eyes when his bae unveiled the gift boxes. The first gift he unwrapped was a pair of sneakers and he looked thrilled.

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