Saturday , February 27 2021

What a Man Found Inside a Phone He Bought that is Causing Reactions Online

Phone Desperation

This life is funny and strange when I look at the way things are going in this world, I always ask myself Where is the conscience of People? People have now lost their conscience and can dupe their fellow man without fear. Wickedness is now a normal thing in our society. How can you dupe your fellow man of his hard earn money? Why don’t you work for yours? There is nothing to gain being wicked or subtle.

A man has shared what he saw after purchasing a phone and this has really got a lot of people talking. Below is a picture of the phone and the substance he found inside:

This is more than Wickedness. Imagine what men are now doing all in the name of money. Using phone cases to cover sticks and then sell it as phones. Please be very careful with the things you buy on the roadside. I think he made a mistake by not testing the phone before making payments. 

Who is to be blamed The man or the seller? No normal person will buy a phone without putting it on.

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