Saturday , January 23 2021
Strange things Angela Nwosu does when she misses her husband

“I sniff my husband armpit and boxers when I’m down” – says Angel Nwaosu

Strange things I do when am missing my husband

A Media personality known as Angel Nwaosu said she sniffs her husband’s boxers and armpit when she’s down.

According to her, she sniff his boxers and armpits because it lifts her spirit and gets her hyped instantly.

She also states that people who criticize her  wouldn’t understand the feeling because it intoxicates.

However, she advise women to try it as long as their husband is a heat man because it also reduces temper.

”I sniff my husband’s boxers and armpit, when I am down, it lifts my spirit and gets me hyped instantly. You guys wouldn’t understand the feeling, it intoxicates. As long as your husband is a neat man, try it and see. It reduces quick temper. Thank me later.”

Chat of Angela

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  1. Nothing Buhari no go see for this administration

  2. It’s her choice. Nothing is really bad in doing that if the person is neat

  3. Am not surprised here. It’s a common thing done when you truly have affection and love for your partner. As for me, I sniff his clothes and armpit. Infact that act alone can turn you on. lol…

  4. If you can go as far as having sex with someone, this is definitely not an issue to do. It gives you calmness.

  5. Honestly Guy, I don’t know where you are getting all these your interesting topics from. It’s all centered of the reality of life. My girl does same to me.

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