Wednesday , March 3 2021
Why morticians knock the door before entry into mortuary

Why Do Mortuary attendants Knock the Door Before They Enter The Mortuary? See Scary Experience Of People

Religious teachings have taught Africans to believe that once humans are dead they ceased to live on as their spirits depart leaving only their body on earth, and as such it poses no harm to those that are living.

According to the Bible in Hebrew chapter 9 verse 27, everyone must die once, and after that, be judged by God (Good News Version). Bible teachings says once a person dies, his spirit goes back to God while the body returns to dust.


This teachings had therefore invalidated the reincarnation belief where a person is believe to be reborn, especially in a different body or as a different species.

Notwithstanding these belief, Africans still belief that the dead can indeed cause harm especially to whom may be responsible for such death. The spirits of the dead can be called upon for vengeance.

However, a recent question on social media as to why morticians do knock the door of a mortuary before they go inside the morgue has been generating diverse opinions.

The question was asked by Ekonhoye Daniels on Facebook and people gave stories they have heard or personal experience they have encountered and it was quite scary to read through, see the reactions it generated.

After reading the comments, do you still belief the Bible teachings or the personal experience of people?

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  1. I swear this is one of the most interesting article I have ever read in my entire life. It’s like a horror movie. Some comments are funny too. Sometimes we really can’t give a verdict on cases like this except we have had our own personal experience. It is so good to read about stuffs like this.

  2. The comments here are so funny

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