Saturday , January 23 2021
Reasons for relationship breakup

The main reasons why your partner will end up cheating on you.

This could push your partner into the arms of another man or woman.

There are some things that could push your partner into the arms of another man/woman and the following are reasons why people have found themselves cheating on their partner.

1.Do you still even listen at all?

Well Your partner may have been expressing unhappiness for a while now, either overtly or subtly. If the message just hasn’t been getting through, they may have decided to find a sympathetic listener — and more — somewhere else.

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2.You no longer put effort into sex

You’re crazy busy, and tired, and stressed out — so is your partner… or not.

Whatever you do though, never forget that sex is the one thing you and your partner do together that makes that relationship different from all the others in your life. When it disappears, a big part of the marital bond does, too.

3.You lose yourself

Losing interest in your appearance and general well-being can happen, especially after the chaos and stress of kids enters a marriage. But you cannot allow this happen as it could mean that your spouse begins to lose interest in you.

4.Divided attention

If either partner is neglected for too long because the other partner has eyes, time and energy invested in something (even if the reasons are valid), he or she may start to look elsewhere.

5.You play the blame game

Does it feel like your partner can do nothing right these days? If you’re paying too much attention on what they are doing wrong all the time, and never praise the things they get right, your partner may have decided that he was done being the fall guy or woman.

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  1. It’s rare to see a partner that will never get tired of you in the nearest future. If you have someone like that, always thankGod. There are people like that, but very rare. Very very.

  2. I pick alot of interest in this topic because it is 100% true with almost all relationships. Some partners tend to become so worst after marriage. Or courting after some period of time. People should learn to become better each day instead of turning to something else that may be unbreable.

  3. What I hate most In life is this cheating stuff. It’s such a dirty game.

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