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women should limit the way they wear pants

Medical Reasons Why Women Should Stop Wearing Pants.

Well, most people grew up thinking underwear was an absolute necessity. Pulling on some cotton drawers was a normal part of getting dressed, and many never really questioned it. After all, when you think about it, underwear does kind of make sense. It helps to catch v****** discharge, it holds your pad in place, and the right pair can even be kind of comfy.

Woman wearing pants 24/7 is not advisable especially when at home. According to several women interviewed by the Daily Mail, not wearing underwear is the “key to good health” because underwear could lead to embarrassing infections and other health problems.

Ladies underwear

Women have different tastes and preferences as far as fashion is concerned. Women are advised not to wear certain clothes for the sake of their health status. For instance, tight pants are not recommended for women because they come with more harm than good. 

Think about the pants that most women wear. Most of them are tight, much tighter than the pants that any man would wear.

However, medical study stated that the female reproductive organ is always clean and healthy as it absorbs fresh air.

If you avoid wearing underpants, you might be less likely to develop a yeast infection or Urinary Transmitted Infection, particularly for women who have infections in their female reproductive organs.

Underpants catch germs and excess moisture. This usually happens when you’re doing exercise or when you’re sleeping. This infection typically happens when you wear unbreathable underpants.

Here are some of the reasons why not wearing an underwear can be a pretty good idea for your health. (1) Air Can Flow Freely (2) Bad Bacteria Is Less Likely To Migrate (3) Yeast Infections Can Clear Up (4) It Can Prevent Dampness (5) You’ll Feel More Comfortable (6) You’ll Lower Your Risk Of Fungal Infections (7) There’s Less Friction While Exercising.

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  1. You’re so right. You inspire us with lot’s of great articles and this in particular is very important to be Known by most women.

  2. Especially at night, pants are not good

  3. All those pants that will be making tribal marks on your butt, ladies stop wearing them pls we don’t like it. Person go wear pant till everywhere turn red

  4. Some ladies don’t even know the perfect panties to wear most times

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