Saturday , January 16 2021
Men cheaters by default Image Source:Google
Men cheaters by default Image Source:Google

You have to know that Men are Hyenas, cheat by default -Daddy Freeze on 9ice infidelity

Men as Cheaters by default

The singer also asked fans to beg on his behalf, describing his wife as his backbone.

Reacting, Daddy Freeze said men cheat by default.

He, however, noted that it is in the hands of husband and wife to prevent it.

He also admitted that 9ice was hundred percent wrong for cheating on his wife but begged Sunkanmi to make efforts in working with him if he is willing to cooperate.

His post on Instagram read: “First things first, 9ice is 100% wrong in my opinion, don’t cheat on a woman. When cheating happens, I will never share the blame between a man and a woman. The blame of cheating, lies a 100% in the hands of the man but preventing cheating is on both parties.

“Men by nature live to play pranks and sometimes it’s not planned. Men are Hyenas by nature with no loyalty you have to tame them. Our traditional culture has also not helped.

“Our fathers didn’t break up because of cheating don’t import Oyinbo mentality. If 9ice is willing to be open to his wife then I’ll ask her to take him back.

“When you know that something is in someone’s blood, it is also your duty to have to understand this.”

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  1. God bless us with faithful men oo

  2. One man, one woman is the best. Men should be contented.

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