Monday , October 25 2021
Man caught wife who slept with another man in his house

A Man laments after wife slept with another man in his house and blamed him

Man takes to social media to lament after his wife brought another man to his house, slept with him and blamed him for the adulterous act.

The man who demanded to know if there is any justification for cheating disclosed that his wife insisted that he is the cause of her actions since he is always busy at work and travels a lot.

As it stands, the man has decided to forgive his wife for her actions but has pledged never to give her a dime till he dies; an action he feels will make her hustle for her own money and probably have less time for such things in the future.

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Sharing his story, he wrote:

“I cheated when we were dating but I never cheated as a married man. My wife I love so much, She cheated on me. I asked her why? And she says it’s because I’m too busy. Yes I’m a businessman who travels a lot to look for money for my family so that they can be comfortable and enjoy the good things of life…”

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