Saturday , September 25 2021
Man wants to marry a mentally challenged woman for 500k

Bayelsa man in search of a mentally challenged lady to marry, says the lady’s family must pay him N500k (Video)

A Bayelsa man from Odi Community, identified as Dennis, is currently looking for a mentally challenged woman to marry.

In the viral video, Dennis said he wants to marry an imbecile or a mentally challenged woman whose family wants her to get married.

He also said he knows men are scared to marry a mentally challenged woman and most families want their child to give birth.

According to the man, he has a 12-year-old child and would impregnate the lady so she can also have children of her own if she wants.

However, he said the family of the lady must pay him N500k before the wedding and they would also be responsible for their upkeep.

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  1. The kind stupidity for this country, I never see

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